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All-In's privatized database allows you to search through our active talent pool, while keeping our candidates anonymous. You can utilize search options like Degree Level, Major, Years of U.S. Experience, Current and Expected Compensation, Programming Languages, and Modeling Techniques. All-In's privatized database will also show you what the market is paying for the candidate profile you're seeking. This will help to ensure you are offering a competitive compensation package, so as not to waste your time searching for someone who doesn't exist. When you are interested in a candidate, you'll notify All-In and the candidate by using the inquiry button. After signing our agreement, an email will get sent out keeping your name and email anonymous, while letting the candidates know that your company is seeking people with their specific degree, skillset, experience, and pay grade. If interested, the candidate will fill out a quick form and upload his or her resume. You will receive the information on your account, and can proceed with the candidate as you normally would.

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