Data Scientist

Data Scientist
Silicon Valley, CA
$150,000 to $200,000 total compensation
0-1+ years of experience

Seeking a Data Scientist with Python, SQL, and Scala skills; Hadoop and Spark experience preferred.
Need to have Data processing, ETL, data integration, machine learning, and predictive modeling experience.
Customer related models to predict customer churn, customer life time value, customer sensitivity around SMS, emails, etc..
Build risk models to predict declined parcel orders
Ecommerce experience is great, but as long as you are a data scientist or statistician with the skillset that is what’s important
Great data science skills with 0-1+ years not including just working as a data analyst using only sql and doing reporting.
Must have strong programming skills with python/scala on a Hadoop system, understanding of linux systems, so that you are able to do feature engineering, automation and productionization without guidance.
MS or PhD in quantitative or computer science discipline
Minimum 0-1+ experience seeking all levels
Individual contributor very hands on


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