Sr. Data Scientist

Sr. Data Scientist
Seattle, WA

Fortune 500 company working on a wide range of projects

Day To Day Responsibilities

As the Senior Data Scientist on the experimental team, be ready to on the cutting edge of big data on a team existing to innovate and generate ideas for revenue growth across the company, testing to determine potential success rates of new product features across the company.  You will be data mining, developing advanced metrics, identifying factors, A/B testing, and performing advanced statistical analysis. You will have the opportunity to assist software developers throughout the organization, using data hacking, analytics, and statistics at the largest scale. Seeking PhDs preferrably in Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science with R, Python, SQL, and Java, C++, or C# skills.

MS orPhD in quantitative or computer science discipline
Data mining at scale, database design, front and back end
Strong at many programming languages and quick to learn new ones
Experience in agile processes at fast pace
Inquisitive by nature, curious, and keen to brainstorm and experiment

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