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All-In’s privatized database allows you to search through our active talent pool, while keeping our candidates anonymous. You can utilize search options like Degree Level, Major, Years of U.S. Experience, Current and Expected Compensation, Programming Languages, and Modeling Techniques. All-In’s privatized database will also show you what the market is paying for the candidate profile you’re seeking. This will help to ensure you are offering a competitive compensation package, so as not to waste your time searching for someone who doesn’t exist. When you are interested in a candidate, you’ll notify All In and the candidate using the inquiry button. The email will keep your name and email anonymous, while letting the candidates know that your company is seeking people with their specific degree, skillset, experience, and pay grade. If interested, the candidate will fill out a quick form and upload his or her resume. You will receive the information on your account, and can proceed with the candidate as you normally would. Our Platinum and All-In Packages afford you the ability to interact with our recruitment team, who will be happy to assist on privatized database inquiries and actively recruit on your analytic roles.

For the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages, a contingency fee agreement (“Contingency Fee Agreement”) must be approved and executed by All-In before you post any jobs on our Website or otherwise use our services. Under the Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages, the fee to be paid to All-In under the Contingency Fee Agreement will equal 25% of the candidate’s annual base salary if you accessed our privatized database to identify the candidate or if All-In actively assisted you, at your request, in locating the candidate (“Search”). Under the Platinum Package, and provided you hired three prior candidates during the current twelve-month term of your Platinum Package, the fee to be paid to All-In under the Contingency Fee Agreement will equal 20% of the candidate’s annual base salary. No fee, however, will be due under a Contingency Fee Agreement if the candidate applied directly to your job posting on the Website within the thirty-day period immediately preceding: (a) your inquiry about the candidate in All-In’s privatized database; or (b) All-In’s notification of the candidate to you if we performed a Search on your behalf.

In the Platinum Package, All-In will be actively recruiting on your behalf for all job postings. As such, any candidate you hire under the Platinum Package through a job posting on the Website, All-In’s privatized database, a Search, or any other means by way of the Service, will be considered a hire for all purposes under the Platinum Package.

The All-In Package provides you with a dedicated full-cycle recruitment team, utilizing advanced business intelligence, recruitment software, and analytics to actively recruit candidates, tailored for your specific analytic positions throughout each twelve-month term for the Service. You will find a section of your account with applicants who have applied directly to your job posts and a section with candidates whom we have personally prescreened for your positions.

Because the All-In Package permits you to fill an unlimited number of job slots over the course of the current twelve-month term, a Contingency Fee Agreement is not required. If you’ve worked under contingency contracts in the past, you realize that recruiter fees can pile up very quickly and get quite expensive. The All-In Package is geared towards companies looking to hire a minimum of four six-figure analytic professionals a year. There is no cap to the number of jobs you can post or people you can hire. The average analytics professional makes about a $100,000 a year. The standard recruiting industry contingency fee is 25%. As such, if you hire six people through the All-In Package at $8,000 per month, you’ve likely just saved your company $54,000.

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