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All-In Analytics will actively recruit for you and charge a one time agreed upon percentage based fee, somewhere between 20 to 25% of the candidate’s starting base salary.


Privatized Database

All-In’s privatized database gives you an idea of our active talent pool.

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-Focus on speed: Less work gaps equals greater productivity for our clients. We’ll quickly supply as many high quality analytic professionals you need to fill your open positions fast.

-Focus on efficiency: You will have access to qualified candidates who meet your hiring needs. We’ll partner with hiring managers, HR, department heads, whomever you’d like; presenting only pre-qualified candidates for your company’s positions.

-Focus on quality: Analytics professionals with the excellent educational backgrounds and meaningful hands on work experience, applying learned quantitative techniques into solving real world business problems; up to date on the newest research, technology, programming, and model building.

At All In Analytics we want to earn your trust. Unlike most recruiting firms who aren’t nearly as specialized that charge 25% contingency fees on base salary and bonus; All-In has a fee based exclusively on base salary and only charges between 20-25% depending on the role.

Speaking of bases, All-In’s got you covered. We have a database approaching a hundred thousand analytic professionals, to go along with proprietary, advanced, recruitment technology. With mobile cloud access, our recruiters work seven days a week, around the clock sourcing candidates, and with our $5K Referral Program, we’ve hundreds of candidates helping us recruit all across America.

So ask yourself, what do you have to lose? If we don’t find the perfect fit for your organization, it will cost you nothing. While utilizing All-In’s contingency recruitment services we will not represent candidates from your company. All-In’s contingency recruiting service offers a 90 day money back guarantee on every candidate and if you don’t like the talent we supply you can cancel at anytime.

All-In’s privatized database allows you to search through our active talent pool, while keeping our candidates anonymous. It will show what the market average is paying for the candidate profile you are seeking, ensuring you are offering a competitive compensation package, conserving valuable time. If you are interested in a candidate, you can notify All-In and the candidate using an inquiry button. The email will let candidates know your company is seeking people with their specific degree, skillset, experience, and pay grade. If interested, the candidate will fill out a quick form uploading their resume and information to your account.

If you would like to take a look at our agreement, privatized database and analytic talent, please create an account. Once onboard you’ll be able to login and find candidates we’ve specifically prescreened for each of your difficult fills, all in one place. You’ll also have the option to manage the entire recruiting process from our site, from sending out notices, to scheduling phone interviews and onsites; however we’re more than happy to do all of that for you. We look forward to filling your analytic positions.

Thank you!

Jason Kratsa
All-In Analytics, Founder
(855)-SAS-1101 (Ext.100)
(855)-SQL-7466 (Fax)

All-In Agreement
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Recent Placements:

  • VP of Pricing Major Auto Lender
  • Sr. Risk Analyst Fin-tech Start-up
  • Risk Data Scientist Fin-tech Start-up
  • Marketing Data Architect Fin-tech
  • Sr. Risk Analyst Fortune 500 Mtg Co.
  • Sr. Risk Statistician Start-up Fin-tech
  • Marketing Quantitative Analyst at a Major Financial Services Company
  • Predictive Analytics Director at a West Coast Consulting Firm
  • Marketing Analyst II at Consumer Services Company
  • Marketing Analyst II at a Well-known Consumer Services Company
  • Sr. Risk Analytics Consultant at a Major International Consulting Firm
  • Sr. Manager Business Analysis at a Fortune 500 Retailer
  • Digital Campaign Analytics Manager Global Fortune 500 Insurance Co.
  • Database Analyst at a Consumer Services Company
  • Quant Team Leader at a Major Regional Banking Institution
  • Quant Team Leader at a Major Regional Banking Institution
  • Machine Learning Risk Statistician at a Start-up Lender
  • Digital Analyst II at a Fortune 500 Online Retailer
  • Machine Learning Risk Statistician at a Start-up Lender
  • Marketing Quantitative Analyst at a Major Consumer Lender
  • Sr. Manager Business Analysis at a Major Mobile Retailer
  • Business Analyst II at a Fortune 500 Online Retailer
  • Director of Servicing Analytics at an Auto Lender
  • Sr. Machine Learning Risk Statistician at a Start-up Lender
  • Machine Learning Risk Manager at a Start-up Auto Lender
  • Marketing Quantitative Analyst at a Financial Services Company
  • Marketing Analytics Manager at a Major Retailer
  • Machine Learning Risk Statistician at a Consumer Lender
  • Data Scientist at a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
  • Haskell Engineer at a Start-up Software Company
  • Automation Manager at a Start-up Bio-tech Company


All-In Agreement
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