Raghav Prasad

“When you need recruiters who clearly understand your complex Data Science business requirements and get you the star candidates with the specific skills you are looking for, you reach out to All-In Analytics. There are many ‘Analytics recruiters’ but very few have the Analytical background and the candidate relationships to make a successful placement like All-In Analytics.

One of All-In Analytics biggest strengths is that they don’t rush to place ‘somebody – anybody’ but rather take the time & effort to thoroughly vet the candidates to ensure mutual compatibility. I have also noticed that All-In doesn’t push the candidates just to fill the role if it is not a fit for them. For a hiring manager, this not only greatly increases the likelihood of finding a candidate with a good mutual fit to the role but also ensures that the candidates tend to stay long with the team. It is really a pleasant experience working with Jason and his team at All-In Analytics!”

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